Five ideas to act like a straight

How to act like a straight?

In some countries, to act like a straight is obligatory. One may have to adapt with his country’s law and order or he may like to hide his homosexual feelings. I have not yet came out of the closet; I act like a straight. I really do. Because, I hope, acting like a straight will do something good to me.

Anyways, after having lived my 21 years of homosexual life, I made a list of ideas that would guide you to effectively act like a real straight. I assume that you too are hiding your homosexual feelings with a hood.Check those out!

1. Have a female friend for yourself.

To have a female friend (or a girl friend, if you like) for yourself will lead others to think that you are a normal heterosexual. And, remember that you have to do this as public as possible.

2. Appreciate girls’ beauty to your straight friends.

Always seek chance of appreciating a girl crossing you for her notable hips or cherry lips. This will act as a lifeguard when someone suspect your heterosexual activities.

3. Say, “I have no interest in flirting around”.

Use this idea if you cannot perform above discussed ideas. But, I’m afraid, use this tool with intense care. Over doing might pave a way to create a ray of suspicion among your friends.

4. Meet your homosexual friend only privately.

This idea may sound difficult to you. But, in my opinion, it is not that hard to meet your boy friend in private. If your friend too is disguised as a heterosexual, then care must be taken to make meet ups.

5. Marry a woman!

Yes. I really mean it. Marrying a woman will solve half of your problems. And, after becoming a father, the homosexual gossips that might have aroused about you will be neutralized. Think again.

Well, thanks for reading this post. This is Geethan Kumar authoring “Queer Court”. See you then!

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You are now in Queer Court!

Two Men Kissing

Two Beautiful Homosexual Men Kissing Each Other

In this special day, I start this web log to entertain my queer friends all over the world. I am going to post interesting queer topics, stories, movie previews etc., You can also find soft core pictures often in this web log.

Well, I searched in the internet for a picture that should portrait two men kissing sensually. Wow!!! I got loads of image results over there. But, I find this picture very beautiful, emotional and really soft core.

I do not know who these handsome guys are; but, I am sure that they are real homosexuals. Look at their eyes – four of them are closed and look very divine!

Hmm… Both guys are lucky!

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